Product Tag - acrylic logo sign

  • Custom Acrylic Logo Block

    Item: KL002

    Size: 18x6x2cm (7″x2.36″x0.78″)

    Custom the acrylic logo block for your store.

    20mm / 0.78″ thickness clear acrylic print full bleed gold

    background on back with black letter. and PMS color matching.

  • Custom Bent Acrylic Sign

    Item: KL001

    Description: Custom the bent acrylic sign for your logo or text

    Size: 200 x 100 mm ( 8″x4.00″) angled face with 50 mm deep base

    made out of 3mm / 0.12″ clear acrylic / plexiglass, screen printed


  • Custom Engraved Acrylic Logo Sign

    Item: L050
    Description: engraved black acrylic in lion head shape and print gold and red color
    Size: 21cm height  x 3cm thickness, (8.26″ height x 1.18″ thickness letter)

  • Custom Engraved Acrylic Sign

    Item: L093
    Description: cut out 5mm white acrylic letter and sticking on the black acrylic
    Size: width 18cm x height 6cm x deep 2cm (7.00″ x 2.36″ x 0.78″)

  • Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

    Item: L115
    Description: acrylic lettersets, made out of 12 mm thick clear acrylic, printed on the back side, prespaced in the acrylic web with the masking left on
    Size: 35cm length  x 12cm height, 1cm thickness (13.70″ x 4.70″ x0.39″ )

  • free standing acrylic sign

    Free Standing Acrylic Sign

    Item: L0123
    Description: Custom engraved letters free standing acrylic sign

  • Laser Engraved Acrylic 3D Letters

    Item: L088
    Description: custom engraved acrylic 3D letter signs
    Size: 35cm length x 2.5cm thickness, laser cut out letter
    and laser etched or print logo on front