Product Tag - acrylic brand block

  • Custom Acrylic Logo Block

    Item: KL002

    Size: 18x6x2cm (7″x2.36″x0.78″)

    Custom the acrylic logo block for your store.

    20mm / 0.78″ thickness clear acrylic print full bleed gold

    background on back with black letter. and PMS color matching.

  • Custom Lucite Logo Block

    Item: L059

    Size: 15x15x2cm  (5.90″x5.90″) 0.78″ thickness lucite / acrylic

    Description: lucite logo block, print full bleed blue background on back and silver corgi logo on the front



  • Custom Silver Background Acrylic Logo Block

    Item: L086

    Size: 20x8x2cm  (7.87″x3.15″x0.78″)

    Description: print full bleed silver background on back. logo on the back to be viewed through the acrylic.


  • Frosted Acrylic Logo Block

    Item: L079

    Size: 15x15x2cm  (5.90″x5.90″) 0.78″ thickness perspex / acrylic

    Description: all sides frosted, and silk printed two colors on front

  • Acrylic Brand Block

    Mellisa Acrylic Brand Block

    Item: L038 

    Size: 15x15x2cm  (5.90″x5.90″) 0.78″ thickness perspex / acrylic

    Description: print full bleed white background on back and melissa heart-shaped logo on the front



  • Rounded Corner Acrylic Logo Block

    Item: L057

    Size: 18x8x2cm (7.08″x3.15″x0.78″) perspex / acrylic

    Description: round corner acrylic, all clear polished, screen printed red logo on the back to be viewed through the acrylic